Wallingford Castle Adventure 

Create your own special family adventure walk with a difference, to discover Wallingford's medieval castle.


Take your own guide. Judy Dewey has made five video clips, vividly bringing the castle to life.

Just print our your castle plan to help you follow Judy's journey. Play a video at each stopping point. 


Everyone loves a good castle, Wallingford's was amazing.


If your children are learning about castles this is a great hands-on way to develop their interest, enthusiasm and understanding. 

1 Castle Lane - site of two great gateways, Constable's Gate and Bydon Gate.

3 I am standing on the site of the old North Gate of the town.

Castle Lane footpath - standing in the moat and looking up at the motte. (please note- motte closed at the moment)


4 I am in the same place, but now looking at the Barbican.

The barbican was an outer defence of a castle, usually protecting a gateway. 


5 I have arrived at the Dernegate, my last stop.

By the time of the 14th Century, Wallingford Castle had three walls and three moats, meaning that Wallingford Castle had become a concentric castle. 

For more castle adventures, come to Wallingford Museum, when  open,  to see our  new model  of the Castle in the mid 14th century and/or explore our digital journeys around the castle,  be a spy, blacksmith or knight. 

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