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Just about everyone has heard of Agatha Christie – even if they’ve never read one of her books or even watched a ‘Poirot’ or ‘Miss Marple’ on TV. She’s the best-selling author since Shakespeare, with work translated into over 100 languages!

But how many locals are aware that she spent 42 years as a resident of what’s now South Oxfordshire? She and her second husband, archaeologist Max Mallowan, lived on the outskirts of Wallingford. ‘Mrs Mallowan’ shopped in the town, loved the annual pantomimes by the Sinodun Players, had friends in her neighbourhood of Winterbrook and worshipped at her Parish Church of St Mary’s in Cholsey. Today her grave in the churchyard there is visited by hundreds of well-wishers every year from all over the world.

Intrigued? Well now you can find out much more in the newly published 42-page fully illustrated book:

At Home with Agatha Christie:

the Wallingford and Cholsey Connection 

The new book opens the door to give a rare glimpse of Agatha’s real home at Winterbrook House, drawing on the varied memories of those who knew and met her. These reminiscences have been gathered over the years by local authors Judy Dewey and Tony Rayner who have now brought them together to tell a unique and fascinating story.

The book is available in Wallingford Museum for £8.50, where you can also see the splendid Agatha Christie exhibition and view some of her original hand-written letters.

at the Museum.

It can also be purchased at and some local bookshops.

Zoom recording - from the TWHAS talk on 14 September (Weds) - at St Mary's Church, Wallingford 

Giles Pritchard: 'Conservation work on the Remains of the College of St Nicholas, Wallingford Castle'
Giles Pritchard is the lead Conservation Architect for this work, and he will describe the latest two stages of work on the restoration of St Nicholas in Wallingford Castle. 
This project results from the work in 2017/18 which led to the College of St Nicholas being listed on the ‘Heritage at Risk’ register. The first stage, project design, is now complete; and the contractors Chichester Construction start on site for the repair stage during August, with completion by the end of the year.

You can enjoy the recording of this talk here:

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