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Wallingford Museum receives a painting by GD Leslie on behalf of the nation 


GD Leslie’s painting ‘A Thameside Conversation’ has been acquired for the nation through the Acceptance in Lieu Scheme, which is administered by the Arts Council, and allocated to Wallingford Museum.


GD Leslie (1835-1921) was a well known Victorian artist who lived in Wallingford at Riverside in Thames Street between 1884 and 1891. He was an ardent lover of nature, and particularly of the River Thames and this painting depicts a scene on the riverside, probably at Pangbourne. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1864. 


Wallingford Museum is delighted to have received this painting, which is now on display for the 2022 season. 

Wallingford Museum have made two podcasts, about this fabulous painting one for the family and a slightly more detailed one for adult listeners. Both podcasts have been researched and produced by Anthony Wilder.

Thanks Anthony 

Adult podcast

Family podcast

You can best appreciate these podcasts when you come to the Museum to see the painting for yourself and of course listen to the podcasts which you can access via a QR code.

gd leslie thames-side conversation (003).png