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Support our Local History Showcase

Wallingford’s history is nationally important in a number of respects and is explained in our local museum.


We are looking for volunteers to help us run the museum by being on the welcome desk, with another volunteer, for half a day every four weeks during our season (March to November).


No knowledge of history is necessary; it is more important to be welcoming of visitors from all over the world.

Recently, many visitors have come to see our exhibition on
Agatha Christie and to admire her new statue, which is on the Kinecroft directly opposite the museum’s front window. If you would like to know more  please just submit a  contact form  and we will get in touch to talk about the possibilities!

We are always keen to hear from anyone interested in volunteering, whether to be a custodian, assist with the archive, delve into research, assist at events, or be a walk guide etc. Again please use the contact form you let us know.

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