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The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society (TWHAS)


The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society (TWHAS) have just discovered the story behind the making of the model of Wallingford Castle with Ben Taggart from Model Houses. You can enjoy the recording of his talk to TWHAS

Ben Taggart talks about his career as a specialist architectural modelmaker, running what must be one of Britain’s smallest businesses.

Ben’s work re-creating lost buildings in the form of highly detailed architectural models has spanned a career of over 25 years. His combination of skills in interpreting contemporary maps and paintings, creating architectural drawings from site surveys, and ultimately making three-dimensional models has led to a reputation for meticulous detail and historical accuracy. In a short talk Ben discusses how he took on the challenge of unlocking the secrets of Wallingford Castle and what it took to build the model for Wallingford Museum.





2022: Celebrating 49 years of research!


TWHAS, founded in 1973, works alongside Wallingford Museum, providing research for the museum's exhibitions. TWHAS was instrumental in founding Wallingford Museum in 1981 and the museum is now its Headquarters, where members regularly work.

The two organisations are administratively and financially separate, but each benefits the work of the other. Together their volunteers lead the ongoing research into Wallingford's history and archaeology and present the results to the public.

More information about TWHAS is available on the TWHAS website.

To become a member please send a completed membership form to the  Membership Secretary. 

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