The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society (TWHAS)


2021: Celebrating 48 years of research!


TWHAS, founded in 1973, works alongside Wallingford Museum, providing research for the museum's exhibitions. TWHAS was instrumental in founding Wallingford Museum in 1981 and the museum is now its Headquarters, where members regularly work.

The two organisations are administratively and financially separate, but each benefits the work of the other. Together their volunteers lead the ongoing research into Wallingford's history and archaeology and present the results to the public.

More information about TWHAS is available on the TWHAS website.

To become a member please send a completed membership form to the  Membership Secretary. 

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Company No 05597310 | Registered Charity No 1113236 | Museum Accreditation No 1159

Wallingford Museum is a Company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales. It is managed in association with The Wallingford Historical & Archaeological Society (TWHAS) and is a registered charity. It was one of the first museums in Oxfordshire to be fully registered and is fully accredited by the MLA. It is entirely run by volunteers.

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