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Special Exhibitions 2023


Exhibition 1
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This year, 2023, The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society (TWHAS) are celebrating 50 years since their foundation. Our first exhibition, reflects TWHAS’s development from its early beginnings through to the establishment of the museum and the impact of the historical and archaeological research on the heritage of the town. All by volunteers, awarded in 2019 the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

House Detectives: history behind the door
The houses in this exhibition have been chosen to reflect the changing development and use of houses in Wallingford, from the medieval period to the 20th century.
(Including a fictional fun mystery house.)
On your journey through the museum you will discover how we became house detectives and how you could become one too!

Wallingford Museum's exhibitions reach into the community!

Have you seen this exhibition in the old telephone box on St. Georges Road, outside Wallingford school?

Wallingford Museum is preparing for it's next exhibition "in the box."  The Museum research team are seeking your recollections of life for evacuee children in Wallingford, who attended Wallingford School.  Your memories will be shared by mounting them in this phone box outside Wallingford School. The space is quite small and we would be providing photos and reminiscences in written form and graphs. We are are also interested in the experiences of host families as well as the evacuees themselves.

If you would like to share your memories please use the contact form to drop us a line to let us know what you can offer? Please do contact us.

We would be delighted to hear from you.


Model of Wallingford's Royal Castle

We are now open for our 42nd year, our prize exhibit is a wonderful scale model of Wallingford Castle as it would have looked in the 1330s, set in the context of the north-eastern quarter of the town. Accompanying displays present the story of the research - documentary and archaeological - that informed the layout of the model and how it was beautifully created for us by model-maker Ben Taggart. 

In 2022 Judy, made a short YouTube film to help visitors orientate themselves in relation to the Castle when looking at the model. Here's the film,

Now come and see the model!

Judy Dewey, Wallingford Museum's Curator shares her intimate knowledge of Wallingford's magnificent medieval castle. Enjoy!

Ben Taggart's sneaky preview "Zooming through the many towers to make on the model of Wallingford Castle"

Just Imagine ...........

Now come and see it for yourself. 

 And then we started "rebuilding Wallingford Castle"   ...........

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