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Events 2024

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Family Archaeology Day  


Wallingford Museum is proud to be part of the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) Festival of Archaeology 2024


Saturday 20 July - 2024 Time 1100 - 1600 Drop-In

Time 1100-1600 Please note normal admission charges to the Museum apply.

The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society (TWHAS) invite you to meet their experts! Explore and discover the earth beneath your feet in Wallingford and the surrounding towns, villages and countryside! Please bring in your own finds for identification. Meet the archaeologists and our resident palaeontologist to discover finds and fossils plus hands-on archaeology. 

                                              Programme for Archaeology Day 



Fun with Fossils - See the evidence of life that existed millions of years ago. Bring in your own fossils for identification.
The Finds Hub - Meet the Oxfordshire Finds Liaison Officer and bring in finds you have found and would like identifying. 
Clay Tobacco Pipes - Appeal - if you found any clay pipe fragments in your garden please
bring them in! Discover why we are interested, see our display upstairs and join our mini
talk (see list of mini talks below) to hear from our expert.

Theme 2 -  Get Hands-On!
Excavation - Have a go at a micro - dig, rescuing artefacts, washing and identifying them. 
Post Excavation - Find out what happens to finds once they have been excavated! 
Create - Make and decorate your own clay pot.

Theme  3 - Finding Archaeology 
Birds Eye View - Discover how aerial photography and crop marks can locate possible archaeology in the countryside.
Modern Detectives : Plastic Pollution or Archaeology? Between 2008 and 2019 over 100 Test pits were dug all around Wallingford. Most were in the back gardens of local residents’ homes. Using photographs, can you identify some of the plastic artefacts that have been found in Wallingford’s Test Pits.
The Rubbish Game - See what you can discover from modern day rubbish.
Digital Detectives - Watch and listen to our experts as they show you Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to locate and identify archaeology, geology and landscape features. There will also be a model to show how what can be seen from above relates to what is found in the ground.

Theme  - 4 Mini Talks 15 minutes - Max 10 per talk- please sign up at the reception desk.
1130/1400  How accurate is the model of Wallingford Castle? Castle Room
1200 /1430 What can the clay tobacco pipe fragments in your garden tell us about the history of
Wallingford? Upstairs
1230/1500 Could  you find your way around the great medieval castle of Wallingford? Castle Room
1300/1530  LIDAR What is LIDAR and how does it help archaeologists? Upstairs

img_4733 (medium).jpg
pipe by thomas holmes  (1840-64).jpg

 Fabulous Fossils   

We are now once again offering the very popular Fabulous Fossils, at the Museum on Saturday 21st September run by the Oxford Geology Trust. Please note normal admission prices to the museum apply.

Family Fun Activity: Handle fossils from Oxfordshire and around the world with the Oxfordshire Geology Trust. Booking is essential, please use the   contact form

Just let us know which drop in time slot you prefer Saturday 21st September  11 - 1pm or 2 - 4pm . Also how many adults/children thanks.

  • Make your own Dino-Mask and colour dinosaur pictures

  • Handle dinosaur teeth, claws and bones

  • £2 ‘Lucky dip’ for a 60 to 300 million year old fossil!

  • Bring along your own fossils for our experts to identify

  • See and handle fossils from Oxfordshire Geology Trust Get your FREE event tickets soon for the budding palaeontologists in your family. 

  • Booking Essential



 For the Diary!   

Bunkfest Special offers, Friday 30 August - Sunday 1 September 

Agatha Christie weekend 6,7,8, September 

Castle history walk Saturday 28 September 1430 from the Museum 

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