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Wallingford Museum welcomes visitor feedback,

please use our visitor book when visiting the museum or  contact form  and emails to help us make your experience even better. Thank you.

~  a selection of comments from our Visitors Book  ~


One of the best museums I have had the pleasure of visiting. Extremely well thought out. I'll be back tomorrow.
KW (W. Sussex), Nov 2019

Fantastic museum. So much to see and learn. Beautifully done. Thank you.
T & KH (Sittingbourne, Kent), Nov 2019

Amazingly comprehensive picture of an historic Borough.
LE (Goring, Oxon), Nov 2019

Even better 2nd time.
MG (Reading), Oct 2019

Best museum I have visited.
Mw (Reading), Oct 2019

An excellent local museum, packed with information.
AL (Winchester), Oct 2019

What a fantastic place. Delightful to see so much on view.
JL & RA (Peterborough), Sept 2019

Excellent - so much to see. Feel quite inspired!
L &BM (Pangbourne), Sept 2019

Excellent museum. We'll be back!
L,B & F (Oxford), Sept 2019

Very interesting history. Enjoyed it very much.
S &CC (USA), Sept 2019

Very informative, and staff most pleasant.
JN (Suffolk), Aug 2019

Excellent. Good book section.
KG (Feltham), Aug 2019

It was fascinating. I will bring my friends.
VS (Reading), Aug 2019

Fascinating! Especially like the information about the river and locks.
RS (Queensland), Aug 2019

I nursed Agatha Christie when she was ill. She never finished the last novel.
AH (Woodcote), July 2019

A very interesting exhibition. It's worth to come back.
UK & JZ (Germany), July 2019

A brilliant and very detailed museum. Thank you for volunteers.
SN (London), July 2019

The kids were pleased they could touch things.
JW (Wallingford), July 2019

Just a brillo place. Thank you.
PM (Northants), July 2019

Very well done. Comprehensive museum.
DA (W Australia), June 2019

Very interesting. Informative staff.
S & PJ (Georgia), June 2019

Great to see and get some Wallingford history.
J & TW (Texas, USA), June 2019

Accessible. Lovely to see items like Agatha Christie's handwritten letters.
MB (Oxford), May 2019

Every visit is a joy!
PB & IB (USA), May 2019

Very informative, well presented and easy to follow. Particularly liked 'Artists of Wallingford'.
S & RG (Christchurch, Dorset), May 2019

Excellent - why have we waited so long to come?
J & JB (Wallingford), May 2019

Outstanding small local museum ...... and self-funded.
LP (Reading), May 2019

Really good, so much packed in, hard to prise the children out.
AS (Bledlow Ridge),  April 2019

Excellent. Children enjoyed every bit, as did I.
JW (Stratford on Avon), April 2019

Very interesting and informative. Much enjoyed by all of us.
Seven members of Watlington WI,  April 2019

Brilliant little museum. Very informative. Loved the Agatha Christie bit!
S & MH (Norwich), March 2019

Exceptional background of Wallingford. Well worth the £5 !
GC (London), March 2019

Very interesting - enjoyed seeing bones from Coldharbour Farm!
JU (Perth, W Australia), March 2019



Nice museum with loads to see. Really enjoyed the cartoons.JT



Nov 2016 A wonderful exhibition of cartoons. D & AF (Didcot),


Nov 2016 Terrific. So much to see. Needs several visits.S & DG (Berks),


Nov 2016A charming, fascinating and endlessly engaging museum - thank you!AW (Twickenham),  


Oct 2016A wonderful museum. The Cartoon display was amazing.P & RB (Surrey),


Oct 2016 Fascinating collection of treasures. Very interactive for children.BJ (Chinnor),


Oct 2016 Very interesting visit, especially about Agatha Christie, and William. Very nice hosts. JMG (Switzerland),


Oct 2016So informative. Well laid out. A real joy. Thanks. RL & LW (Maidstone),


Sept 2016 Excellent! R & AB (Alberta, Canada),


Sept 2016 A beautiful day tracing the steps of Agatha Christie such a brilliant mind and phenomenal lady. Fantastic museum. Thank you.CG (London),


Sept 2016What a magical Agatha Christie Weekend. Absolutely amazing. Thank you.AG (Oxford),


Sept 2016 Loved it all, but particularly Agatha. SS (Wallingford),


Sept 2016 William the Conqueror exhibition excellent. Very well laid out. JW (Thame),


Sept 2016 Fabulous history - loved the Cartoons and of course CHRISTIE.JG (New Zealand),


Sept 2016 Wonderful. LH (British West Indies), Sept 2016 Very cosy and nice museum.BG (Germany),


Sept 2016 It was so good, we came back second day in a row! Friendly staff.BR (Chatham),


Aug 2016 Very lovely bits on Agatha Christie. This museum is amazing. Many thanks.BR (Chatham),


Aug 2016 I liked digging in the sand.BH (Reading), 


Aug 2016 I really really liked colouring with my friend.EH (Reading), 


Aug 2016 Really interesting to learn about my ancestors. NH (Japan),


Aug 2016 Remarkable range (in time) of artefacts covering all of history and pre-history. Fantastic. JW (Oxford),


Aug 2016 Very interesting. Lots of things for kids to do also! A & OB (Wallingford),


July 2016 Absolutely fascinating, especially given our interest in Reading Abbey. L & JM (Caversham),


July 2016Absolutely a pilgrimage. Lovely ladies at front desk. Thank you. CMS (Wokingham),


July 2016 Very good - most enjoyable and plenty to see. Great job. JW (Perth, Australia),


July 2016 Just moved to area. Great to learn about the history of my new home. B (Wallingford),


July 2016 Excellent museum. Very helpful staff. To be recommended.MM (Chinnor),


July 2016 Loved the Cartoon and Agatha Christie displays. G & AH (San Antonio),


July 2016 Very interesting. Enjoyed the cartoons. Staff very helpful. J & MH (Suffolk),


June 2016 A beautiful museum, much enhanced by the exhibition of cartoons.DD (Purley), June 2016Very exciting layout. Creative presentation. I love the time box. D & CJ (Loughborough),


June 2016  What a wonderful museum, on the history of Wallingford, and the cartoon collection is fantastic. PB (South Africa),


June 2016 Superb, interest held in every respect. Could be here all day. N & JP (Beaconsfield),


May 2016 Fantastic for a small museum - so much to see and learn. B & NC (Essex),


May 2016 Lots to see and read in a small place. Very interesting. R & DS (Glmorgan),


May 2016 Absolutely amazing. Loved the digs.SW (Australia),


May 2016 I love it.AG (Wallingford),


April 2016 Fascinating and quirky. JD (Dorset),


April 2016 One of the best displays I have seen. RR (Australia),


April 2016 Thank you for the great experience (minus the scare, haha!). I will be back again.MC (Singapore),


April, 2016 We loved digging in the sand, and the boxes and colouring. Scary too. The little windows. FD (Mongwell),


April 2016 Super good. Fun in the sand. J & F (Swindon), March


2016 Beautifully presented. Most interesting .DH (Australia), March 2016Very interesting exhibition. Particularly enjoyed the cartoons! D & LW (Cambridge),


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~March 2016 A treasure trove of delights. I learnt so much about so much! S (La Porta),


Nov 2015 What a brilliant museum! So full of fascinating artefacts and the Agatha Christie section is hugely interesting! H (London),


Nov 2015 Thank you for brilliant displays. I hope we can return .L & TC (Bourne End, Bucks),


Nov 2015 Very informative visit. Judy, the Museum Curator, was very good and knowledgeable. J & A (Norwich),


Nov 2015 Excellent visit. Really enjoyed reading about the history of Wallingford castle. l & T (Wallingford ),


Oct 2015 Great. Thoroughly enjoyed our visit, especially  the Agatha Christie displays. A&JD (Slough),


Oct 2015Very interesting. Time well spent. CB (Wallingford),


Oct 2015Full of interest and well displayed .MB (Yeovil),


Oct 2015 Very nice.TP (Brazil), Sept 2015Extremely interesting and marvellous old objects. H & LG (Penzance),


Sept 2015 Very interesting glimpse into the past. JB (Bolton),


Sept 2015 Very interesting, and helpful custodians. K & DF (Kennington, Oxford),


Sept 2015An excellent museum and beautifully presented. My claim to fame is that in the early 60's I delivered newspapers to Agatha Christie. PV (Chesterfield),


Aug 2015 Came with two children and had a great time. Fantastic museum. JA (Berks),


Aug 2015 So many memories recalled here.AS (Goring),


Aug 2015 Much more to see since we last came many years ago. A & M DV (Wallingford),


Aug 2015 I loved the sand search. Also, the guessing drawer. WH (Kuwait),


Aug 2015 So impressed. So informative. What a pleasure.EH & SH (Bongaree, Australia),


July 2015 Very nice museum! SM (Vilnius, Lithuania),


July 2015 Very well done and lots of detail. J & MM (Florida, USA),


July 2015 Really enjoyed it. Must have been an important place with such an impressive castle. A & RL (Yorkshire),


July 2015So interesting the history of this museum. R & E (Oregon, USA),


July 2015Very interesting museum. Learnt a lot about Agatha Christie as well! S & R (Chiswick),


June 2015 Fantastic. Well done.KW (New Zealand),


June 2015 Wonderful museum. Imaginative displays.CH (Dudley),


June 2015First rate (Agatha Christie) exhibition. Better than the Torquay one! JC (London),


June 2015 An amazing collection of historical artefacts and information. The Lord bless you! Dallas Garden Club members (Texas, USA),


May 2015 Really good quiz after getting my mind in gear. SP (Wallingford),


May 2015 Well laid out and a good selection of interactive and informative history. JF & BP (Northants),


May 2015 A very good, interesting museum. Well thought out and put together. J & IP (Oregon, USA),


May 2015 Excellent. Very interesting and well presented. J & AS (Atlanta, USA),


April 2015I liked the Castle bit. LF (Woodley),


April 2015 A most interesting experience. Requires further visit to do it justice! SB (Great Kingshill, Bucks),


April 2015 Fantastic museum. Amazing use of space.VA (Tamworth, Staffs),


April 2015 Excellent overview of Wallingford history. So pleased we found you.JP (Newbury),


March 2015 Very good new exhibition.GE (Wallingford)


March 2015 What else should I do on my birthday!!J & MN (East Hagbourne), 


March 2015  ~Really interesting museum, will come again. JC (SonningCommon)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nov 2014 What a find!  A wonderful example of what a museum should be.  Small and perfectly formed.PW (West Sussex),


October 2014 Fascinating and moving visit covering so many aspects of the life in Wallingford. J & NT,


October 2014 Very good and very interesting. Displays are excellent .I & MC (Wareham),


October 2014 Walking Thames Path so fascinating to see about river, weirs and bridges. J & CC (Essex),


October 2014 Really lovely museum - very informative and varied.  Thank you! FB & ME (Derby),


Sept 2014 Fantastic and lovely staff.  Very helpful.  Lots to see! AB (London),


August 2014 Magnificent museum!  Love the displays - still slightly scared by prisoner though (thank you to whoever made it!).TC (Sonning Common),


August 2014 Een museum met heel veel liefde samengesteld!  Heel interessant!J & TK (Holland),


August 2014 Most interesting exhibition, especially enjoyed the Agatha Christie display. JN (Harwell),


August 2014 Fun to see Agatha Christie, Midsomer Murders and WWI exhibits. CB (California),


August 2014 In such a small space you have captured centuries invoking a sense of history and people and place quite astonishing.  Thank you so much.EG (Canada),


August 2014 Fantastic entertainment for the children on a wet day.  Thank you. LN (Reading), August 2014 Impressive!  We’ll be back. W (Norwich),


July 2014 Great museum.  Agatha Christie used to stay at our hotel. DB & LS (North Walsham),


June 2014 Excellent Museum.  Great experience for kids! SR (Ireland),


June 2014 Excellent.  Should have visited before now.  So much in such a small space well presented. RF (Woodcote),


May 2014 It's amazing in the middle of civilisation to find yourself projected in the early history of this wonderful town.  It was a fantastic experience.  Thank you. DH (Winterbrook),


May 2014 Best history lesson I’ve had.  Small in size - huge impact!!AA (Islington),


April 2014 What a find! A lovely museum - we’ll return! DM (Old Basing),


April 2014What a surprise round every corner.  Super. JH (Milton Keynes), ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~March 2014 Very impressed. U3A Carterton History Group .WM (Carterton),


Nov 2013 Fantastic exhibition, lovely and helpful staff, generally fabulous. KA (Marston),


Nov 2013 Worth more than £4.SH (Wallingford),


Nov 2013 Thank you for hosting a great day for the Abingdon Museum Friends.SH (Abingdon),


Oct 2013 The BEST museum I have ever visited! Y (Farnham Common),


Sept 2013 Superb museum, beautifully and professionally presented. JH (Hazelmere),


Sept 2013 Loved Agatha Christie. SW (Seattle),


Sept 2013 This museum is a credit to Wallingford - many thanks to all involved!  B & A S-H (Henley),


August 2013 In 30 years looking at local museums this is the finest we have seen. M & V (Essex),


August 2013 A great visit - we found a pipe which the helpful volunteers gave some guidance on trying to date!  Thank you! AM (Crowmarsh),


August 2013 More has been added to the museum since we were last here.  V. interesting.  Need a second visit. P & PB (Goring),


August 2013Great museum - clear presentation and a wealth of history - obviously a lot of hard work and research. Thank you.AC (Kenilworth),


July 2013 Lots of nooks and crannies.  It’s possible to get lost! TP (Sonning Common),


July 2013 What a wonderful exhibition of the town.  I leave with a greater appreciation of this lovely area.BD (Sydney),


June 2013 Very quirky museum - very interesting, particularly the downstairs area. M & L Harris,


June 2013 Well displayed and described and delighted to find really focused on Wallingford.S & G Acton (Shropshire),


May 2013 Enlightening!  A good history lesson. Will return. GD & DC (Torquay),


May 2013 What an engaging and aesthetically pleasing museum you've built!  Very impressive, loved it.  Many thanks. EB (Canada),


May 2013 Absolutely lovely museum. Fascinated to see the Agatha Christie display. 8 year old loved the commentary tape. S (London),


April 2013 So much to see in such a compact space. Something of interest for all. LF (Cambridge),


April 2013 First visit. Excellent, both content and layout. Especially fascinated by the Agatha Christie section. CB (Little Brickhill),


April 2013 Fascinating!  Lots to see so we shall return. A &SP (Newbury),



March 2013 Another brilliant display - well done. Looking forward to a "night at the museum". R & KL (Wallingford), March 2013~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Very informative and well organised but we will need another visit!  Thank you.  J & RB (Garsington),


October 2012 One of the most beautiful places we have ever seen thank you for your hospitality. S & SR (Australia),


October 2012 Most interesting museum (one of the best I have visited). HB (Tasmania),


October 2012Fantastic!  Things really brought to life. Thanks. NS (London),


Sept 2012 Very impressive and informative, well worth seeing. JM (Ireland),


Sept 2012 Loved the archaeology and was scared of the man in prison!  Great museum. Thanks.D & T families,


August 2012 A wonderful museum. Worth taking the time to listen to the recorded commentary.RO (Caversham),


July 2012 Nice, lots of info, liked the skeleton. JvS (Amsterdam),


July 2012 Really enjoyed it, great job of walking us through Wallingford history! HJ (Indiana, USA),


June 2012 Utterly charming. Inspired layout.LB (Kingston upon Thames), June 2012The best museum I have visited. Thank you all.MP (Harrow, Middx),


May 2012 Interesting stop in an attempt to walk the river in a flood period.  CB (Italy),


May 2012Agatha Christie exhibit is just wonderful. JB (London),


March 2012 Very nice to revisit such a charming museum. The Social Group loves it. TBS (Oxford),


March 2012 This is a stunning experience. It must be the finest local museum in the UK.PG (Wallingford), March 2012~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I particularly liked to see the reports of the new Burh project in Wallingford and the results of the 'Garden Archaeology'.AS (High Wycombe),


Nov 2011 Excellent!  Enjoyed it.DF (Oregon, USA),


Oct 2011I have so looked forward to visiting this museum and have loved it, so much to see - so beautifully displayed. Will be back - soon! WT (Thame),


Sept 2011 We have learned more about Wallingford today than the 7 years we lived here in the 1960s!G & G C (Victoria, Australia),


Sept 2011 Most informative- great selection of eras, ran out of time!  Great book selection too CP & CR (St Neots),


Aug 2011 Thank you - fascinating museum and artefacts. The hands on exhibits are great. D & B (Vilnius, Lithuania),


Aug 2011 We spent nearly two hours here, really enjoyed our visit!  (Thank you for your kindness and help with the wheelchair.)B (Wendover),


Aug 2011 Lots of fun - kept the children busy - thank you! EW (Wallingford),


July 2011 Lovely to hear and know a bit more about the wonderful town of Wallingford. LM (Brazil), July 2011 What a fantastic castle! SB (Halifax),


July 2011 Fantastic display. Very interesting .CS & KM (Abingdon),


July 2011 A real gem of a museum. Thank you. DM (New Zealand), June 2011 Fascinating - too much to take in one one trip! F (Maidenhead),


June 2011 Very interesting museum. Well set out. Local dig info fascinating. S (Moray, Scotland),


May 2011 A fascinating walk round and certain to return to 'see' more.....P (Shillngford),


May 2011 Very interesting; the children liked it very much too.FK (Germany),


May 2011Finding objects in the sand. Liked whole museum too. Enjoyed shop reconstruction and train model set. B&CO (West Drayton),


May 2011Fascinating story of Wallingford, well executed. Must visit again! BM (Didcot),


May 2011 A hidden gem, thoroughly enjoyed the visit! CW (Burghfield Common),


April 2011 Every girl was enthusiastic - thank you for such an interesting opportunity  Guides (Wallingford), March 2011~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fascinating. I have learnt a lot about my new town.SV (Wallingford),


Oct 2010 Lovely museum. Particularly enjoyed Wallingford Story. So comprehensive and informative. Like the hands on exhibits. Mr & Mrs A (South Wales),


Sept 2010Lived in the area 45 years but first visit to museum - my loss! RC (Didcot),


Sept 2010 Brilliant, best small museum ever, audio tour excellent RP (USA),


Sept 2010 Excellent museum - informative and well displayed F & T D (Dutch barge),


Sept 2010  Excellent museum, well told, good to touch pottery and other artefacts. Mr & Mrs C (Chinnor),


Aug 2010 We found this museum is absolutely interesting. S&DR (Reading),


Aug 2010 Really enjoyed the visit. Audio guide very informative. JW (Thame), 



In 2019 Wallingford Museum participated in the Arts Council, national Audience Finder, visitor survey.

You can find a short summary of the findings here as well!


What a gem! So much work has obviously gone into the exhibition.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you.HN (Hazlemere, Bucks), Nov 2018 Love it here - and my 3 year old loved it too! VB


Nov 2018 A visit after a walk around the Castle was so interesting.JM (Southmoor, Oxon),

Nov 2018 What a wonderful insight into life, history and essence of an English town.TV (Sydney, Australia), Nov 2018


​Really very interesting - will return and see a lot more soon - thank you. K & TD (Hampshire),


Oct 2018 Fascinating - lots of work gone into the exhibits.AS (Brisbane, Australia),


Oct 2018 Fascinating! Lovely way to learn about the history of Wallingford.LC (California, USA),


Oct 2018 A truly wonderful and exciting, inspiring museum. One of the best museums visited for a long time! A & BP (Goring),


Sept 2018 Excellent independent effort. Much appreciated. J C (Doncaster),


Sept 2018 ​Excellent. Lovely museum. I really enjoyed the Agatha Christie exhibition. It has proved very useful. Many thanks. Dr RB (Doncaster),


Sept 2018 Very interesting. More to see than we expected. Will definitely be back. G & PC (Benson),


Sept 2018 Fantastic detail. A very detailed account of Wallingford. Well done! JG (Glasgow),


Sept 2018 What a wonderful place. The best museum I have been to for ages. 'Treasures with Tales' makes it personal and fascinating. Very moving as well. P & SW (Princes Risborough),


Aug 2018 Thought monk was Voldemort  !!!!FR (Brightwell-cum-Sotwell),


Aug 2018 Very well presented with a wealth of history.R (World Traveller),


Aug 2018 One of the most interesting small museums we have visited, and will be back. V & GP (Hants),


Aug 2018A Charming museum, full of curiosities. We spent a long time exploring the drawers of bits-and-bobs. Thank you! S & J (Bristol),


July 2018 Excellent, interesting. Also lovely ladies. Thanks. IW (Lyme Regis),


July 2018 Loved it here. History of Wallingford and Agatha Christie, and of course Midsomer Murders. B & S BO (Sydney, Australia), July 2018


Extremely absorbing and informative.GG & ECD (Anglesey)


July 2018 Wonderful.LA (Ohio, USA),


June 2018Fascinating !KH (USA), June 2018Excellent - especially river info. PP (Wiltshire),


June 2018 Very good collection, well displayed - and evidently managed by enthusiasm.MW (France),


May 2018 Very interesting and well put together displays. Archaeology was fascinating and so was the Agatha Christie scenario. Both members of staff were both charming, friendly and informative. CW & LT (Stourbridge),


May 2018 One of the best, small local museums I have visited. Great to see the archaeology so clearly presented. Well done.NR (Stockport),


May 2018 Perfect museum, great, fantastic, a 'must visit'. C & TH (Germany),


May 2018 A real gem. Very well laid out, interesting and quality exhibits. Thank you.MW (Horsham),


April 2018 Fascinating, every place has something to see. Thank you for all your hard work. HC (Basildon),


April 2018 Really enjoyed the 'Treasures with Tales' - inspired idea. KT (Benson), April 2018Most interesting. D & S (Abingdon),


March 2018 Lovely shop and very friendly people. Thanks for the map! S & F (London),


March 2018 Very enjoyable. 'Rosemary' looks very much at home! M & MB (Didcot), 

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