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School Visits 

Wallingford Museum welcomes enquiries from schools. In the first instance please use our contact form briefly telling us: your ideas for your visit, your theme, your year group, potential numbers, school and when you ideally would like to visit. We will respond to your enquiry within two days. 

 Contact Form  

 We can support visits linked to the Key Stage Two history curriculum:

  • Alfred the Great, Anglo-Saxon settlements and  everyday life  

  • The Normans, everyday life and castle building

  • A depth study: Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans

Though the museum is small, we can split a single class into three groups to offer a rotation of activities. We usually plan for a one hour visit. Please note you will need to provide at least one supervising adult for each group.


At the moment our schools' service is evolving. We customise the session plan, as far as we are able, setting out the aims/objectives, activities and outcomes for your class.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wallingford Museum.

Explore Wallingford's Norman Castle 

Learning Objectives:- 

To use the Museum displays, the objects, plans, drawings and practical activities to discover Wallingford's Norman Castle.   

Activity - 3 groups 

  1. Everyday life in the castle.

  2. Assemble a basic mock up of the castle.

  3. Explore the museum.  

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