Special Exhibitions 2021


New Model of Wallingford Castle

When we open for our 40th year in 2021 our prize exhibit will be a wonderful new scale model of Wallingford Castle as it would have looked in the 1330s, set in the context of the north-eastern quarter of the town. Accompanying displays will present the story of the research - documentary and archaeological - that informed the layout of the model and how it was beautifully created for us by model-maker Ben Taggart. 












Two special exhibitions were prepared for 2020 which we also hope to share with you in 2021.


‘Plague, Pus and Pills’ is the deservedly graphic title of the first, prepared and opened for just two weeks before Lockdown in 2020! It traces the fascinating history of Wallingford’s hospitals, caring for the sick in the town from medieval times to the present day. Its portrayal of the challenges of dealing with plague, leprosy, smallpox, scarlet fever and other such outbreaks, as well as more common illness and disabilities, brings the past vividly to light. Ironically, it puts our present troubles in their historic context.


So don’t be squeamish – be brave enough to come and explore our family friendly exhibition and find out just why, despite all our terrible problems, we are still lucky to live in the 21st century when vaccines have been so rapidly developed by brilliant science and scientists! ​

Our second exhibition of 'The Willis family of Wallingford - artists and artisans' brings to life the work of a local family. The Willis family came to Wallingford from Hagbourne in the early 19th century living and working in High Street and in what is now The Dolphin public house. An industrious Quaker family, all of their six sons had artisan or professional careers.

This exhibition spotlights the careers of George

(1822 - 1907) an artist who depicted local scenes, and flora and fauna for engraved book illustrations, and William (1814 - 1883) also an artist but whose main business was engraving and inventing ways to fix early photographs. He patented the aniline process of copying and his son, also William (1841 - 1923) patented what became the universally acclaimed and commercially successful platinotype process.

(The Willis exhibition is housed in our meeting room, which may occasionally be in use. Please check in advance if you are coming to view this in particular)

Don't forget to look at our  events  page as well! 

Judy Dewey, Wallingford Museum's Curator shares her intimate knowledge of Wallingford's magnificent medieval castle. Enjoy!


 And then we started "rebuilding Wallingford Castle"   ...........

Just Imagine ...........

We will have monthly updates for you on the progress of the model making until the Museum reopens for its 40th Birthday in Summer 2021. 

Then you will be able to come and see it for yourself. 

Ben Taggart's sneaky preview "Zooming through the many towers to make on the model of Wallingford Castle"

Part of The Willis family of Wallingford exhibition



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